Mini Tombstone

The R96-V75100T4 ultra compact mini tombstone was designed to work with smaller 4th and 5th Axis machines.  The goal was to create a 4 sided tombstone to increase productivity while maintaining a compact footprint.  The tombstone is built for the 5th Axis V75100 self-centering vise.  The nested bolt pattern allows for the vises to be mounted vertical or rotated horizontally.  The entire tombstone will quick change on any 96mm RockLock quick change base plates.

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Increase throughput.


Cut down on setup time.


Eliminate unnecessary tool changes.

Built to save time

This tombstone was carefully designed for a multitude of machines and applications.  Mini tombstones are ideal for smaller components with shorter run times.  With a maximum of 12 vises on the tombstone, the machine can be left to run unattended.  This minimizes tool changes and frees operators up to run multiple machines.  The tombstones are manufactured out of solid 6061 aluminum for better weight savings while still maintaining maximum machine tool rigidity.

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