RL96A-3003 / RL96S-3003

Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm
Subcategory:  Tombstone
Material Construction:
Aluminum – (RL96A-3003) $3995.00
1018 Steel – (RL96S-3003) $4995.00

Spacing: Custom

Repeatability +/- 0.0003″

This three sided 300mm integrates the RockLock 96mm quick change system. This tombstone is perfect for mid sized 5-Axis machines. It is also a perfect fit for 300mm horizontal machining centers offered by Kitamura and Kitagawa.
Tombstones can be ordered in aluminum or 1018 steel construction. All units feature hardened steel internals and locating features. All tombstones are built to order, and the base plate is based on your machined table or pallet specs. 400mm and 500mm base versions are also available. Contact us for more details [email protected]

Standardize Your Workholding


The RockLock system creates a standard mounting pattern for your machine.  Easily move vises, fixtures, and tooling in and out with high accuracy.  Relocate fixturing from machine to machine with little to no setup time.


Reduction in Setup Time

High Accuracy


Accuracy and repeatability are critical in a quick change system.  Patented free float design ensures equal force on all 4 pull studs guaranteeing repeatability of less than .0003″ (8 microns).


Built To Last

All RockLock baseplates feature hardened steel rings and locking mechanisms.  This ensures repeatability and wear resistance for the life of the product.

Simple Integration

The pull studs are easily integrated into existing fixtures and subplates.  Pull studs can also be threaded directly into raw material for roughing operations.   Please click the link below for the PS20F pull stud print.

Easy Operation

All units are operated via a simple allen wrench.  The leadscrew only needs to be operated from one side, but has access from both sides.

Rock Lock & Go

Are you tired of building custom adapters and subplates for each new job that comes into the shop?  Stop building fixtures and start machining with the RockLock quick change system.  Job changeover becomes simple and repeatability with the RockLock system.

Pull Stud Compatibility

Pull studs & Base Must Match Manufacturer

-If you are using a 5th axis RockLock base plate you will need 5th Axis pull studs.

-If you are using a *competitor’s base plate you will need that company’s pull studs.

( *Lang, Jergens, Gressel, Gerardi, etc.)


The spacing and thread allows for the top tooling to be interchangeable between *competitive systems.

Our 96mm RockLock Tombstones

RL96A-3002 / RL96S-3002

 Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

 Mounting: Custom

 Materials: Aluminum and 1018 Steel

 Subcategory: 2 Sided Tombstone

RL96A-3003 / RL96S-3003

 Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

 Mounting: Custom

 Materials: Aluminum and 1018 Steel

 Subcategory: 3 Sided Tombstone


Size: 125.7mm x 125.7mm x 266.7mm

Mounting: 4x PS20F (Included)

Material: Aluminum

Subcategory: Top Tooling Tombstone

Vises: Compatible with V75100X (Vises Sold Seperately)


Size: 125.7mm x 125.7mm x 199.5mm

Mounting: 4x PS20F (Included)

Material: Aluminum

Subcategory: Top Tooling Tombstone

Vises: Compatible with V75100X, V75150X, & DV75150X (Vises Sold Seperately)

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