Eliminate Setups

With the RockLock 96mm.

Forget building  sub plates and adapters for all of your machines.  Standardize them all with incredible speed and repeatability.

Open Source

All 5th Axis RockLock systems utilize the industry standard 96mm pull stud spacing. This ensures compatibility with Jergens or Lang systems.

High Repeatability

Outstanding repeatability Less than <.0003”
Built to last
Available in hardened steel or aluminum construction. All aluminum models feature type III hard anodize and come standard with TiN coated steel bushings and internal components.
Product Integration

The 5th Axis RockLock system can be integrated into risers, pyramids, tombstones, etc. for any of your fixturing needs. Its endless applications are limited only by ones imagination.


96mm pull stud spacing
Compatible with both Lang and Jergens 96mm quick change products.

Configurations available to fit all machine makes and models.


Popular mounting patterns

Multiple mounting configurations available to fit nearly every machine on the market.

Pull Stud Compatibility

Pull studs & Base Must Match Manufacture

-If you are using a 5th axis RockLock base plate you will need 5th Axis pull studs.

-If you are using a competitors base plate you will need that companies pull studs.



The spacing and thread allows for the top tooling to be interchangeable between the systems.

5th Axis

5th Axis’s product line includes: vises, fixtures, dovetail cutters and the Rock Lock quick-change system.
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