Size: 4.95” x 4.95” x 2.625”
Fixture: D05125
Stock Width: Under 1”
Compatible Pull Studs: Includes 4x PS20F
Dovetail Depth Required: 0.80”
MSRP $688.00 (Pricing includes: 1 dovetail, 1 riser and 4 pull studs)

Designed for our RockLock 96mm Quick Change system the R96-D05125 uses our D05125 fixture. The D05125 is the smallest dovetail fixture in the 5th Axis workholding line. It is a simple and robust dovetail fixture built for stock under 1″. The D05125 features a wedge style clamp for superior gripping force and a low profile design that optimizes tool clearance. This micro dovetail fixtures is the perfect choice for multi-axis work on smaller parts.

Modular Design

Our Dovetail fixtures are designed with a modular footprint in mind. Our fixtures feature removable locating pins top and bottom which allow for flexible mounting options.

Robust Clamp

Our Dovetail fixtures feature a robust clamp for superior gripping force and can hold onto as little as 2mm of material minimizing material waste.



Optional locating pin ensures parts are positioned properly. The pin also acts as a relocation and stop pin, allowing for parts to be moved from fixture to fixture with high repeatability.

Our 96mm Inch Dovetail Fixtures


 Size: 4.95” x 4.95” x 2.625”

 Fixture: D05125

 Stock: Under 1”


Size: 4.95” x 4.95” x 2.625”

Fixture: 2x D05125

Stock: Under 1”


Size: 4.95” x 4.95” x 5.26”

Fixture: 12x D05125

Stock: Under 1”


Size: 4.95” x 4.95” x 3”

Fixture: D115

Stock: Under 3”

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