Are you looking for a reliable way to move the tool setter out of the way during machining?  The R52-HTS was designed to work with the 52mm RockLock pull stud system.  The simple adapter allows the OTS Renishaw tool setter (PART NUMBER 60-0052)  to be quickly and accurately located on any 52mm RockLock base plates.  Repeatability  < .0003″ (8 microns)

Repeatability < .0003″

Save Your $$$ Tool Setter

Built for the Renishaw OTS

The R52-HTS  adapter features locating pins to locate and align the tool setter.  Simply remove the set screws from the Renishaw body to remove it from the steel base.  Bolt the steel Renishaw base onto the 5th Axis R52-HTS adapter and re tighten the set screws.  The R52-HTS includes: (1) adapter  (4x) PS16F pull studs (2x) precision locating pins.

*Shown on RL52A-4  RockLock base plate sold separately.

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