with the Configuración nueva de Serie X

Fuerza de sujecion


MORE Clamping Force Than Non-X Vises

the x-series GIVES YOU:

4 Jaw Bolt Mounting

4 bolt jaw mounting increased clamping force and rigidity by 30% compared to the original 2 bolt version.

Mayor precisión

Redesigned truck features a key and dowel pin for better accuracy and repeatability.

Misma huella compacta

Overall height + width + length is the same as the original vise design. Vise mounting also matches the original design.

Jaw Pulldown

The new jaw mounting pattern is a big improvement on the original vise design. By adding 2 additional forward mounting screws the screw deflection is dramatically reduced. This design prevents the jaw from kicking back and lifting up.

keyed truck + jaw

The addition of a keyed truck is a major design advancement for the line of self-centering vises. The key prevents much of the potential defliction that occurs when clamping on material of different materials and sizes.

Looking For More Info?

Hoja de preguntas frecuentes de la serie X

View the X-series FAQ spec sheet to learn the specific differences between the new models and the original series.