PS20F- 96mm Pull Stud


96mm PullStuds PS20F
MSRP $30.00 ea (sold individually)

Product Description


The PS20F is necessary to use any 5th Axis 96mm system.  The 96mm spacing on 5th Axis vises and adapters allow for compatibility with other competitive systems (Lang, Gerardi, Schunk, Gressel, Jergens).  *Please note that pull studs must stay with the corresponding companies base plate.

The spacing and thread allows for the top tooling to be interchangeable between the systems.  If you are using a 5th axis RockLock base plate you will need 5th Axis pull studs (PS20F).  If you are using a competitors base plate you will need that companies pull studs, all of the top tooling (vises, fixtures, etc.) is interchangeable.


Poka-yoke is a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing” or “inadvertent error prevention”.  The PS20F-PY is a single modified pull stud with aluminum ring.  The ring is placed inside one of the locating holes in the RockLock base, allowing for only the single poka-yoke pull stud to fit inside the locating hole with the corresponding ring.  This will prevent operators from changing the orientation and misloading a part.

Available to purchase singularly: PS20F-PY
Or as a set with 3 standard pull studs and one Poka-yoke: PS20F-4PY

Hardened Steel

The PS20F is built from hardened A2 tool steel to ensure precision and repeatability in the harsh machining environment.

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