Master Gauging Pallet
Size: 125.73mm x 125.73mm x 30.48mm
Material Construction:
Steel – (RL96-MP) $400.00
Spacing: RockLock PS20F Pull Studs Included

Guarantees accuracy of the RockLock system. The RL96-MP, Master Pallets are used to set up 96mm RockLock systems. Mount the RockLock base onto the machine, drop in the Master Pallet, dial in your setup, and torque your mounting bolts once you have reached the desired location. Master Pallet will only be used on the initial setup or if you move the setup from one machine to another. This is the fastest, most accurate way to set up the RockLock system.

Align Your RockLock Unit

Precision center bore allows for indication of rotation.

Precision milled sides allow for indication of center line.

5th Axis

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