The R96-V75XT4 is a mini tombstone was designed to work with smaller 4th and 5th Axis machines. The goal was to create a 4 sided tombstone to increase productivity while maintaining a compact footprint. This tombstone can accomodate the following self-centering vises: V75100X and V75150X (see page 45), and double station vises: DV75150X (see page 39). The entire tombstone will quick change on any 96mm RockLock base plates. With a maximum of 4 vises on the tombstone, the machine can run unattended. This minimizes tool changes and frees operators up to run multiple machines. Includes 4x PS20F.

Increase throughput.


Cut down on setup time.


Eliminate unnecessary tool changes.

Our RockLock Tombstones

RL96A-3002 / RL96S-3002

 Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

 Mounting: Custom

 Materials: Aluminum and 1018 Steel

 Subcategory: 2 Sided Tombstone

RL96A-3003 / RL96S-3003

 Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

 Mounting: Custom

 Materials: Aluminum and 1018 Steel

 Subcategory: 3 Sided Tombstone


Size: 125.7mm x 125.7mm x 266.7mm

Mounting: 4x PS20F (Included)

Material: Aluminum

Subcategory: Top Tooling Tombstone

Vises: Compatible with V75100X (Vises Sold Seperately)


Size: 125.7mm x 125.7mm x 266.7mm

Mounting: 4x PS20F (Included)

Material: Aluminum

Subcategory: Top Tooling Tombstone

Vises: Compatible with V75100X, V75150X, & DV75150X (Vises Sold Seperately)


All 5th Axis RockLock systems utilize the industry standard 96mm pull stud spacing. This ensures compatibility with Jergens or Lang systems.

*Please note that pull studs must stay with the corresponding companies base plate.  The spacing and thread allows for the top tooling to be interchangeable between the systems.  If you are using a 5th axis RockLock base plate you will need 5th Axis pull studs.  If you are using a competitors base plate you will need that companies pull studs, all of the top tooling (vises, fixtures, etc.) is interchangeable.


Outstanding repeatability Less than <.0003”

Built to last

Available in hardened steel or aluminum construction. All aluminum models feature type III hard anodize and come standard with TiN coated steel bushings and internal components.

5th Axis

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