Size: 125.73mm x 151.13mm x 87.88mm
Vise: V75150X
Vise Overall Clamping Range: 0 – 128.8mm
Compatible Pull Studs: Includes 4x PS20F

The small footprint and low profile design of the R96-V75100X makes it the ideal vise for smaller machining centers.  The included adapter and pull studs allow the V75100X to work with the 96mm RockLock System.

Serrated / Dovetail Jaws

The “Master Jaws” on the V75150X self centering vise feature are manufactured from hardened 4100 series steel.  The jaws feature: 45 degree dovetail, 2.50mm step, and serrated gripper teeth for gripping of aluminum and soft steel.

Built to Last

All 5th Axis Workholding products are precision ground and hard milled to guarantee accuracy and built to withstand the harsh machining environment.

Our 96mm Metric Self-Centering Vises


Size: 125mm x 125.73mm x 87.88mm

Vise: V75100X

Vise Overall Clamping Range: 0 – 76.3mm


Size: 150mm x 176.53mm x 78.2mm

Vise: 2x V75100X

Vise Overall Clamping Range: N/A


Size: 125.73mm x 151.13mm x 87.88mm

Vise: V75150X

Vise Overall Clamping Range: 0 – 128.8mm


Size: 150mm x 176.53mm x 78.2mm

Vise: 2x V75150X

Vise Overall Clamping Range: N/A

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