PY20GB / PY30GB– 5 Axis Vise Pyramid

Product Description

The pyramid style adapter is a design we have embraced and utilized for many years in house at our 5 axis CNC facility.  By addressing multiple parts to the spindle in one set up you dramatically reduce set up time, tool change time, and overall run time.  We have two angles available 20 degree (PY20GB) and 30 degree (PY30GB), both of these three sided pyramids are compatible with the V552 and V562.  We also offer metric equivalents 20 degree (PY20GBM) and 30 degree (PY30GBM) which are compatible with the V552M and V562M.

Vise Adapter Details

Diameter (in) 15.45″
Material 6100 series aluminum
Compatibility V552 / V562
Height (in) 4.00″

Built For Efficiency

Why machine one part at a time when you could increase your throughput by 3X.  Our pyramids are built to maximize run time and cut down on costly setups and unnecessary tool changes.

Built For Accuracy

All 5th Axis Workholding products are precision ground and hard milled to guarantee accuracy and built to withstand the harsh machining environment.