DJ6– Gripper Jaws

Jaw Details

Size (in) 6″ x  .75″ x 1.75″
Material 4100 series steel
Step Depth .100″
MSRP $199.00/set of 2

DJ6 Step File

Product Description

The DJ6 gripper jaws were created as a result of extensive testing for our line of 5 Axis self centering vises.  After we completed the design for the self centering vises we immediately had a need for the same style jaw that could be compatible with the standard 6″ machine vise that most shops typically have.  The jaws are heat treated 55 HRC, precision ground, and feature a .100″ step and a 45 degree dovetail built into the back of the step.  The jaws have been coated with a proprietary PVD coating for wear resistance and longevity.

DJ6 gripper jaws fit all standard 6″ traditional machine vises.