DC1750– Indexable Dovetail Cutter

Product Description

After burning through hundreds of solid carbide dovetail cutters we knew there had to be a better alternative.  Our in house facility had been looking for quality 45° degree and 60° degree indexable dovetail cutters since the early 2000’s and after coming up empty we decided the only option was to manufacture a quality cutter to go hand and hand with our product line.  This is the second revision of our  dovetail cutter, the cutter body is produced in house and the inserts are made specially for us by Ingersoll cutting tools.


45° degree indexable dovetail cutter.

60° degree indexable dovetail cutter.

Insert for indexable dovetail cutters.  Compatible with DC1750-45 and DC1750-60.

Replacement set screw for DC1750-45 and DC1750-60 cutter bodies.

Cutter Details

Shank Diameter (in) 1″
Angles 45 degree and 60 degree
Number of Inserts 5
Material H13 Tool Steel
Cutting Diameter 1.745″
MSRP $295.00

Inserts by Ingersoll Cutting Tools

We teamed up with Ingersoll cutting tools in order to create the most robust and accurate indexable dovetail cutter on the market.  Ingersoll produces the special insert just for 5th Axis dovetail cutters and we produce the cutter body in our Southern California plant.

45 degree indexable dovetail cutter body



60 degree indexable dovetail cutter body



Dovetail cutter insert for DC1750-45 and DC1750-60