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Where can I find information about 5th Axis Products?
From our product page, you can find the latest information on our products.
Where are 5th Axis products manufactured?
All products are manufactured in San Diego, CA from American steel and American hardware.
How can I get in touch with for 5th Axis if I need additional information?
Our e-mail address is workholding@5thAxis.com or
you can call +1 858 505-0432 for additional information.  
Are 2D drawings and 3D solidmodels available?
Yes, the download section is where you can find 2D drawings and 3D solid model files.

Product Information

What is the Rocklock system?
RockLock is a patented 4 pull stud system that mechanically locks vises, fixtures, tooling, etc and allows for quick and accurate change over.  5th Axis Rocklock fixtures utilize the industry standard 96mm/52mm pull stud spacing. This ensures 100% compatibility with Lang, Jergens, Gerardi, Schunk and Gressel 4 pull stud systems.  The Rocklock quick-change system can be mounted in almost all 3, 4, 5 Axis table.
What is the repeatability of the Rocklock?
The repeatability of Rocklock is less than 0.0003″ (0.00762 mm).
What is considered Top Tooling?
Top tooling is all of our dovetail fixtures, collet fixture, and vises.
What is a Dovetail Fixture?
Dovetail fixture is fixtures that holds the stock with dovetail cuts. The dovetail fixture has very small profile, which allows more accessibility to the stock material. All of 5th Axis dovetail angles are 45 degree, and there is dovetail stock prep document for each fixtures.
What is Vise?
We offer 4 kinds of self-centering vises: V75100, V552/V552M, V562/V562M, V6105/V6105M. Also, we offer 2 kinds of double station fixed jaw vises: DV56/DV510
What is the Double Vise?
The double vises are vise that could hold two stocks in one setting. It has fixed center jaw, which allows to hold two different size stocks.
What is hardness of the Vise body?
The hardness of the vise is 40 HRC.
What is the hardness of the master jaw?
The hardness of the jaw is 55 HRC.
What is the repeatability of the Vise?
The self-centering repeatability of the vise is less than 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm).
What is a Collet Fixture?
We offer R96-CER40 as our collet fixture. It allows you to hold round parts with RockLock system
What is a Master Pallet?
The master pallet is used to align the center bore and the axial positions of the RockLock plates.
What is a Poka Yoke?
Poka Yoke is a Japanese term for mistake-proof. We offer Poka Yoke pull studs, which is composed of two parts. The ring is dropped inside one of the holes in Rocklock
What dovetail angle is used with 5th Axis Products?
All 5th Axis products use a 45 degree dovetail.
What is a Master Jaw?
The hard jaw is the Steel jaw that comes with the self-centering vises. It does not come with the double station vises.
What is a Soft/Machinable Jaw?
The soft jaw allows the jaw to be machined to the profile of the workpiece for secondary operations.
Can I use other fixtures with Rocklock plates? (compatibility)
Yes. The pull studs can be machined directly into your existing fixturing or subplates can be fabricated to adapter your existing tooling to the RockLock system

Finding the Right Product

Finding the right Rocklock Plates
Finding the appropriate RockLock plates would depend on getting the right table drawing for your machine. From your machine table drawing, we can determine whether your machine would have direct fit or modification to our standard products. The mounting information for our standard product can be found in our catalog. If you cannot figure out the mounting information, please contact workholding@5thAxis.com
Finding the right Top Tooling
All of our top tooling can fit on 96/52mm RockLock system. Therefore, the appropriate top tooling can be decided from your stock size.

*Note that all of our top tooling has 3D STEP file on the download page. It allows you to simulate for interference.

Finding the right part number
The part number on the Catalog can always be used. If you need a locating kit or hardware kit, the part number would be LK-MISC or HK-MISC with the description of your machine.
Can I mount the tombstone in my machine?
Please contact workholding@5thAxis.com for all tombstone inquiry.

How To Buy 5th Axis Products

For all domestic customers, we sell through our distribution network. Please check the domestic product locator.
For all international customer, we sell through our distribution network. Please check if your region is supported.

If your region is not supported, please email us  workholding@5thAxis.com.

Do you sell directly to End Users?
No.  We only sell through our distribution network.
Can I see the actual demo product before buying?
Yes, our local sales representatives have demo kits available.  If you head over to the product locator, you can find the representative for your local area.

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5th Axis’s product line includes: vises, fixtures, dovetail cutters and the Rock Lock quick-change system.
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